First night




Well after getting moved in the first day, we stayed pretty close to our apartment.  We went to a little pizza place right outside our apartment which was pretty good!  For dinner though our experience dealing with people was quite different from what we heard before we came.  We were told two main things about Rome/Italy before we came: 1) Most people speak at least enough English to communicate and 2) People go out to eat very late, like after 8 pm.  For whatever reason all the people that worked at the restaurant spoke no English and even after 8:30 ish there still only about three other groups there. That made the first meal an interesting experience since I had no idea what I ordered other than it was ravioli.  The food was good, it was just very difficult to communicate with the waiter and we also didn’t have really any other locals to watch and try to get cues about what we should be doing.  It was definitely an eye opening experience that I had wished I got later on after I felt a bit more comfortable.