Rome apartment

I’d say I’m pretty well settled in here in Rome, so I thought I would show what our living conditions are here.  Our whole study abroad program is divided into four apartments that have eight people in each one.  The eight person rooms have three bedrooms (each with a small balcony facing the street), a kitchen (with a slightly larger balcony facing the interior courtyard), dining room, living room and two bathrooms.  It actually seems surprisingly spacious considering how many people are in it.  The biggest issue comes from everyone trying to take showers in the morning since almost all of us have the same schedules.  Also everything in the kitchen is miniaturized so it takes some coordination trying to have eight people cook on a very small stove.  Oh and I might also add that there is no dryer or microwave which is pretty different from the states, but I guess that all just adds to the experience of living in a different country! Absolutely everything in the apartment came from IKEA. All the furniture, beds, desks, tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets, dishes, and sink and stove probably. Just kind of an interesting observation. I also noticed this to be the case in our studio and throughout other places I’ve been too.

Our apartment is about a twenty minute walk from the ancient city center of Rome which is also where our studio is. We do walk as much as possible because it is nice to stop into a Bar (which translates to what a coffee shop is in the states) on the way to studio and get a cappuccino and doughnut or cornetto. There is also many different kinds of public transit within a short walking distance if we have to go farther throughout the city.