Road Trip to Todi




This post is kind of late, but the first few days of this week were pretty busy with school work actually (yes I am doing a little bit of work over here). Anyway last weekend my friend Mitch and I rented a smart car to travel around the Italian countryside and see a few towns along the way. Our first stop was Lake Bracciano where we just pulled off on the side of the road to walk down to the edge. I have never seen a lake quite as calm as that lake was. There wasn’t a single ripple even, it looked like a sheet of glass. It was super calming being there. The only real noise was the occasional car that would drive by. There was actually a little Fiat 500 sized car pulling a medium sized boat down the road which was pretty funny to see.Our next stop was Todi which is a small hill town about two hours north east of Rome where we saw the Tempio di Santa Maria della Consolazione and a few other churches.
Our final stop was a town through the mountains called Spoleto where we visited Rocca Albornoziana.

It was quite an adventure to rent a car here (in a good way) and have the freedom to see things that aren’t very easily accessible by train or bus. It was also an adventure to drive on Italian roads, especially the little curvy roads through the mountains. Italian drivers seemed to drive extremely fast especially around the tight corners and even would pass going around a curve! Oh and if you were wondering what Italian radio stations play, I’ll just say we heard “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen…….